Laurie's Biography

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Laurie's Biography

I'm always evolving and growing.  Hopefully, I am learning something along this journey of life? Lol!
Personal History
  I started tap dancing when I was three years old.  I guess tap dance is what gave me my natural affinity for rhythm which appeared when I began playing  the bass.  
I started playing piano at the age of seven followed shortly after with playing the violin.  I continued playing the violin through High School Orchestra. 
I also began writing music soon after starting piano lessons, and a few of my songs placed in classical songwriting competitions when I was still in grade school.
I played piano my entire life, even though there were years I did not have access to a piano.
The last piano lessons I took were from Arthur Goldstein, and the lessons focused on improvisation and Jazz theory.
My mother bought me a bass when I was a Junior in High School (not sure why?),
but because I could read music I secured the Stage Band (Jazz Band) gig at my High School after only playing the bass for a month.
After completing my BA degree from Penn State in Theatre Arts with a Dance emphasis, I then started playing bass again while working on my BFA degree in Design at CCA (California College of Arts).  
I was fortunate enough to meet and play music with Paul,  guitar player and fellow CCA student,  who at that time was taking lessons from Joe Satriani.  
Paul opened my eyes to a whole new style of music - fusion, progressive rock, and jazz.  He took me to see and hear great bands and performers including: King Crimson, Steve Morse and the Dregs, Allan Holdsworth, Primus, Frank Gamble (Jeff Berlin on Bass), Roy Buchanan, David Gilmour, Larry Coryell, Mike Stern, Steve Vai, Alphonse Mouzon, Dennis Chambers, Marcus Miller, Jeff Beck, Tony Williams, Carlos Santana, and many more. 
Subsequently, after this inspiring exposure, I wanted to learn how to solo on the bass.
Ergo, I  took lessons from Rick Giovinazzo (Music composer - Co-orchestrated Austin Powers, etc.) for three years (because he had taken bass lessons from Jeff Berlin).  
Rick taught me Jeff's full range scale technique on the bass and he taught me music theory and jazz.
After participating in some jam nights in Oakland, CA I was quickly hired to play gigs in the Bay Area with many notable blues, rock and new age musicians.
I played bass with Cool Papa (wrote songs for and with John Lee Hooker) - R.I.P., in my first cover Rock band I played with Mark McGee (Guitar player for Greg Allman-R.I.P. for over 20 years and Vicious Rumors - signed to Atlantic Records), when Mark was on tour - Raul Casada (Sheila E's cousin) was the guitar player. 
I also played a gig with the Alameda Allstars ( Brad Gillis - guitar for Ozzy and Night Ranger was a member), etc. I played with numerous bands with numerous famous people in the Bay Area.
My last gig in the Bay Area was in 1993 - I played with Ricardo Scales at the Four Seasons in San Francisco. Narada Michael Walden (produced Whitney Houston, Al Jarreau, Natalie Cole, etc.) use to
come and sit in on drums with us.
While playing with Ricardo Scales we toured to LA and played at the Bellagio Hotel. I met Sal Marquez (trumpet for The Tonight show, Frank Zappa, etc. )
I hung out with Sal in LA, playing a few gigs together, and receiving an awesome lesson in Jazz. 
I moved to Seattle in Dec. 1993. I attended a few jam nights where again I started gigging for professional bass gigs immediately. I played with some great musicians.
I also started my origianl band. 
More to come soon......
Laurie Miller is a Recording Artist, Bass player, Singer-Songwriter, Pianist, Acoustic Guitar player, 
and a Fine Artist

Laurie has released 6 CDs and numerous Singles
Laurie's original bands - Azure-D, Athena ez,
Missing Children, and Laurie Miller band-
Played - The Rock Candy, Off Ramp, The Central. Played music festivals including Rainbow Valley, etc. Music videos were played on Rock Hard TV, and Fox 13 weather.
Missing Children's CD -'Wants & Needs' was nominated as best Funk album.
Laurie Miller band played - The Knitting Factory in LA
Played University of Santa Barbara - 'Take Back the Night' festival University of Santa Barbara- musicians backing me – Joel Taylor (Alan Holdsworth drummer) Paul Pesco – guitar ( J. Lo musical director, Hall & Oates, Wayne Brady), Sal Marquez –trumpet (Buddy Rich, Frank Zappa, Jay Leno)
Played Power Box Festival (Vixen, Iron Maidens, Laurie Miller band)
Has played with: Cool Papa (wrote songs for John Lee Hooker), Larry James (Johnny Otis guitar), Mark McGee (Greg Alman's guitar player), Ricardo Scales, Narada Michael Walden, Brian Young (Fountains of Wayne), Buddy Miles, Eddie Degenaro, Alameda All stars (Brad Gillis - Night Ranger, Ozzy ), Randy Hansen, Scott Rosburg (Striker), Rick Spano, Brian & Kevin Wood ( played bass on -Malfunkshun soundtrack), Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains), Goldy McJohn (Steppenwolf), Mike Braun (drummer Hall & Oates), Joe Vitale (Alabama)
Laurie also has 5 CD released, and has licensed music for commercial use.
Tours - Played bass for the Jimi Hendrix family foundation Electric Guitar Competition - 1999 - BB Kings - Memphis, TN, etc.

Played NAMM showcases
I love creating and I'm always writing new songs in all styles.
Music Licensed:
'Inanna's Dream - The Wonder Years Documentary 
Solo Piano Song - Frank Deras Photography videos
'Swan's song - video
B-O-R-I N-G - YouTube video

*Multi Award Winning Songwriter:
'I Like You' (Reimagined) - Winner - Great American Song Contest
'B-O-R-I N-G- Winner! - Great American Song Contest
'I Like You' (Reloaded) - Finalist - Great American Song Contest 
'I Like You' & 'Crawling' - Billboard songwriting Honorable Mention  
'Boring' – Unisong – Honorable Mention 

- Laurie's song 'U Really Chose' was included on four compilations promoting awareness of domestic violence, and she played at the Take Back the Night festival at the University of Santa Barbara which also promoted awareness of domestic violence.
The song 'U Really Chose' is found on her 'Tall Tales' album -

Laurie's latest CD - 'I Like You'