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Laurie Miller - Indie Pop-Rock (Linkin Park meets Gwen Stefani), Punk (Green Day), Funk (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Award Winning Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Professional Musician (Bass Player -all styles), Producer

DAW - Pro Tools, Spitfire strings, Hans Zimmer Strings, Izotope/Ozone, etc.

BA Penn State, BFA - CCA (California College of Arts)


+ September 2019 News: Yeah, Over 10,000 Streams for 'You're Boring (Better Lost Than Found) You're Boring (Better Lost Than Found)

Finished one Public Art piece - Rain Barrel Painting. One more Public Art piece to go and then cranking out the music (finishing 20 tracks already recorded, plus fixing mixes).

+ August 2019 News: I have two Public Art Commisions to finish for the City of Lynnwood (30 min. North of Seattle) this month,

and then I'm focusing on cranking out the music. 

+ July 2019 News: Sharing my first original band in Seattle - 'Missing Children' . 'Wants & Needs' was nominated for Best Funk CD.

+ July 2019 News: Working on finishing 20 Tracks

+ June 2019 News:Finished art for Festivals. The 'Save Our Planet' art piece is the inspiration for new tracks and cues

(My art fuels my music, my music fuels my art. It is who I am.

I'm a renaissance woman!)

+ June 2019 News:Got Paid by CDbaby again - four times this year so far - yeah!

+ June 2019 News:You're Boring (Better Lost Than Found) over 8,000 streams on Spotify - looking to hit 10,000 this summer

+ May 2019 News: 'You're Boring (Better Lost Than Found)' is almost at 7,000 streams on Spotify

+ May 2019 News:My song, 'Loser Maget' (My most played song on Reverbnation) is part of 'Women of Sumbstance Music Podcast #965'

+ April 2019 News: I had fun creating these Orchestral scary tension tracks -

This creepy style flows from me - I plan on creating at least a dozen more this month: Searching Chaos and Scary Hunt

+ March 2019 News: My ballad, 'Take My Hand' is included in the 'Women of Substance' Podcast #931

+ March 2019 News: 'You're Boring! (Better Lost Than Found) - over 2,000 streams this week, plus added to several playlists!

+ February 2019 News: I orchestrated a beautiful version of 'As Tears Go By', hopefully I'll be releasing it in March. 

+ January 2019 News: My song B-O-R-I-N-G (Winner of the Great American Song Contest) is part of the #910 Women of Subtance Music Podcast

+ January 2019 News: Happy New Year! Big news is that I'm still alive and creating (we need some humor here, why be so serious life is short!)

+ December 2018 News: 'One Thousand Lights' (I'm re-recording this song in a lower key before its release)  part of the Women of Substance Holiday Music Podcast

+ December 2018 News: Part of Chart Topping Artists: Chart Topping Artists in Seattle

+ December 2018 News: 'Save Me' placed as Runner Up in the Song of The Year contest

+ November 2018 News: B-O-R-I-N-G is part of the WOAFM99 Radio Show Podcast

+ October 2018 News: 'U Really Chose' incluede on the #864 Women of Substance Music Podcast

+ October 2018 News: Christmas song, 'One Thousand Lights' on the First Round Grammy Ballot - Song of the Year Category

+ August 2018 News: Released B-O-R-I-N-G Lyric Video (Funny - Check it out!)

+ August 2018 News: Released You're Boring (Better Lost Than Found)

+ July 2018 News: Released Lyric Video, I Like You! (XOX)

July 2018 News: Released  B-O-R-I-N-G

June 2018 News: Released  'I Like You! (XOX)' 

 + April 2018 News: My Song, 'I Like You! (XOX) is part of the Most Played Song on Reverbnation List! 

 + My song B-O-R-I-N-G!  was selected as a Top 5 Winner in the Rock category of the 19th Annual Great American Song Contest.

+ My Song 'I Like You (Reloaded) was a Finalist in the Rock Category

+ March, 2018 News: My Christmas song, 'One Thousand Lights' received Semi-Finalist in the Song of the Year contest-


+ Licensed Music

+ Multi-Award Winning Songwriter

+ Released  5 CDs

+ Played bass for 20 years, over 4,000 gigs with over 100 bands (played with famous and not famous people - it doesn't matter as long as the music felt great to play)

+ Video for 'Just a Frog' song released!

+ Independent Record Contract - Released 'Tall Tales'

+ Released CD with my original band 'Missing Children' titled 'Wants & Needs' - Nominated as Best Funk CD

+ 'I Feel So Good' video - my original Missing Children band

+ Played bass for the Jimi Hendrx Guitar Competition Tour (Learned 50 songs in two weeks for the tour)

+ Played bass for Goldy McJohn R.I.P. video link (Steppenwolf's keyboardist and founding member)- Roger Fisher (Heart) is sitting in with us

+ Played NAMM Showcases (One showcase I played with Eddie DeGenaro & Sal Marquez -trumpet for Frank Zappa, Buddy Rich etc., we opened for Bumblefoot)

+ Played my original music for the 'Take Back the Night' Festival at the University of Santa Barbara (I was backed by (Sal Marquez - trumpet for Zappa, Woody Herman, Buddy Rich), Paul Pesco - guitar and songwriter with Hall & Oates, J. Lo Musical Director, Wayne Brady, Joel Taylor - drums for Al Di Meola, Allan Holdsworth, etc. )

+ Added a video with a Drone sound I created in ProTools and a video I created in iMovie which features my 'Rain Paintings':

Sound Space - Drone Sound Video


+ Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel: 

+  Facebook 'Likes' :


"Imperfections are what make people and things beautiful!"



(425) 231-4019






* On iTunes and CD Baby:  'Listen People'










Wearing my award winning art on my dress