Music Career Photos

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Photos of me, and me with bands that I've played with throughout my career.

Laurie Miller - Photo from gig Feb. 2014

Laurie Miller (Me) - Holding my Gibson Pilot bass - 1995

Speed Shift - My first band (at CCA in Oakland)

Me in the Bay Area - 1980's

Me in the Bay Area - around 1992

'Just By Chance' - band I was in - early 1990's - Bay Area

Me in Seattle - late 1990's

Me with a bass clef tattoo I designed

Me - Laurie Miller - playing a gig in Seattle 1990's

Me playing my bass at a gig - late 1990's - early 2000's

Jimi Hendrix's flat grave

Me - hanging at a NAMM show with Delmar Brown and Sal Marquez

Me - hanging in LA - 2007 or so

Tall Tales CD cover - photo by Frank Deras

'I Like You' CD cover - photo by Frank Deras