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Hi Everyone! 

My reason for creating and performing music is to inspire, entertain, and share my wry sense of humor . 

I love creating - it is who I am!

I'm excited to have two of my songs, 'Just a Frog' and 'Take My Hand' included in Season 1 of 'Girl Makes Indie Movie'!


*New News - Released:  'I Want to Play on Your Show!' 

It has been on my bucket list to play on the

David Letterman show (we were born in the same city,

and I love how kind he is to all of the performers),

but this song popped into my head only a few weeks ago.


Here is the Video:

 'I Want to Play On Your Show!'





*I'm currently recording my new CD 'Listen People'


Sean Walker of Synergy Productions is producing and engineering the 'Listen People' CD, and many of the songs include the background vocals and sax talent of Dennis Rhodes.








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