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Hi Everyone! 

My reason for creating and performing music is to: Inspire, Entertain, and Share my wry sense of humor!

I love creating - it is who I am!

Spring is hear!  I'm back working on the 'Listen People' CD.

Don't forget the 3 P's - Patience, Persistence, and Perservance,

so here I come persisting and persevering once again!



Went to the #ASCAPEXPO 2017.

Hearing how Stevie Wonder wrote his songs was very moving.  I cried.

Since I used to play (on bass) and sing Superstition and Higher Ground, it brought back a lot of memories.

I took the tracks that are completed and a few rough tracks from my upcoming 'Listen People' CD to the conference.

Since my throat was scratched two years ago from an endoscopy, I have had to be patient with my recovery.

I'm finally getting there, and by this summer I'm sure Sean and I can finish the CD to my standards.


David Bowie was one of my first songwriting inspirations. 

In honor of David Bowie's passing I'm sharing a version of his song, 'Heroes',  recorded in 2005 -

'Heroes' is my favorite Bowie song:



Sharing videos created 2015:

'Take My Hand' - Beautiful Ballad featuring NW scenery: 'Take My Hand' YouTube Video


'Listen People' - Positive Message New Rock song: 'Listen People' YouTube Video


I also plan on creating new videos - both live performance and new music videos - soon.

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel: - and let me know if you have one, I'll do the same.

Same goes for Facebook 'Likes' :


"Imperfections are what make people and things beautiful!"








* On iTunes and CD Baby:  'Listen People'










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