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Laurie Miller - Recording Artist/Professional Musician/Film &TV


+ Licensed Music

+ Award Winning Songwriter

+Played bass for the Jimi Hendrx Guitar Competition Tour

Played bass for Goldy McJohn (Steppenwolf's keyboardist and founding member)

Played NAMM Showcases


+ Added a video with a Drone sound I created in ProTools, and video created in iMovie:

Sound Space - Drone Sound Video

 + Adding a this month

 + In the meantime, you can hear several songs at my Reverbnation link below



+ Wrote my first Christmas song, 'One Thousand Lights'.  Wrote, edited and mixed in ProTools in a couple of days

+ Lyric video for 'One Thousand Lights' One Thousand Lights - Lyric Video







Creating Lyric Videos for all songs.  Sharing soon!

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel: - and let me know if you have one, I'll do the same.

Same goes for Facebook 'Likes' :


"Imperfections are what make people and things beautiful!"



(425) 231-4019






* On iTunes and CD Baby:  'Listen People'










I Like You - Remix